The Investment Policy of the Rigpa Endowment Fund sets forth the investment objectives of the Endowment Fund, as well as guidelines and parameters for achieving those objectives. This includes the asset allocation, target returns and disbursement policy, which are reviewed and approved by the Tertön Sogyal Board.

The main objective of the Investment Policy is to preserve the equity of the Endowment Fund for the benefit of future generations, by preserving the value of our assets (with appropriate adjustment for inflation).

Another main objective of the Investment Policy is to generate sufficient income to provide continuous and stable distributions for the projects and centres supported by the Endowment Fund.

Our investment policy is based on a long-term strategy, in which we endeavour to minimize risks (a conservative asset allocation) with optimizing profit results.

How to Make a Donation – In general, it is most helpful if your legacy or donation to the Tertön Sogyal Foundation is not designated for any specific purpose. This allows the Rigpa Executive Board and the Rigpa Investment Board maximum flexibility to allocate funds where they will have the greatest effect and benefit, at any given moment in time.