The timeless wisdom of the Buddha’s teaching is as relevant now as it was two and a half thousand years ago. Today, these ancient teachings are bringing benefit to countless people all over the world, and are held in the highest regard by scientists, philosophers, spiritual leaders and thinkers alike.

The Spirit of Generosity – Since ancient times, the great Buddhist masters and their monasteries, study colleges, retreat centres and publishing works have been supported almost entirely through the kindness and generosity of their students and sponsors. This spirit of generosity is a defining characteristic of the Buddhist tradition and its practice continues to the present day.

For Future Generations – In order for the Buddhist teachings to flourish and continue to benefit people for generations to come, your help is very much needed. By remembering the Tertön Sogyal foundations in your Will, you can make a vital and lasting contribution to Rigpa’s mission to bring the Buddhist teachings to the modern world in the most accessible and relevant way possible.