Fund icons 07Rigpa Study & Practice Grants (formerly Rigpa Scholarship Fund) came into being in 2005 to support Rigpa students who did not have the means to take part in the Three-Year Retreat that started in 2006. After the Three-Year Retreat, Study & Practice Grants supported some students to deepen their study and practice and take part in the Shedra.

All Rigpa students have equal opportunities to apply for grants to this fund, including those entrusted as teachers and practice holders who wish to deepen their personal spiritual path, such as through long-term retreats or studies such as: 

  • Nyenpas and long-term personal retreats;
  • International retreats (eg Ngöndro, Dzogchen and Meditation);
  • Shedra;
  • On-the-job activity training such as holding events; 
  • Attending practice-intensives such as drupchös
  • Training in Shrine & Rituals; chöpons, umdzes, playing instruments, etc.;
  • Teacher Training Programme. 


Requirements for Applicants – At the moment we are mainly supporting Rigpa students who have the intention, capacity and circumstances to dedicate a considerable amount of their time to Dharma activities. All students who received a grant will be asked to report back on their experience, and its benefits for their study or practice.

The Process – A grant-making committee will oversee the disbursal of grants, through an open and transparent process based on principles of fairness and in line with priorities agreed by the Vision Board and the International Board.

Application – Grant applications are accepted up to 6 weeks before the start of an event one wants to participate in. 

How to Apply – If you are interested in applying for a Study & Practice Grant please fill out this application form