Rigpa International Investment Board comprised of members of each Tertön Sogyal Foundation, as well as the Rigpa International Executive Board Chair and Finance Director is responsible for governance of the Rigpa Endowment Board.

The Rigpa International Investment Board meets once or twice a year and is responsible for establishing the Vision, Principles and Scope of the Rigpa Endowment Fund, It is also responsible for establishing the Investment Policy including the risk and asset allocation limits.

The board monitors the performance of the Endowment Fund and supervises the Investment Committee. Finally, the Board establishes and decides the grant making function of the Rigpa Endowment.

Current board members

Rigpa International Executive Board | Philip Philippou (Chair) 

Rigpa International Finance Director | Michele Phamtan 

Fonds Tertön Sogyal, France |  Dominique Hilly 

Tertön Sogyal Stiftung, Germany | Heinz Siepmann 

Tertön Sogyal Trust, UK | Tim Synge 

Tertön Sogyal Foundation, USA | Pedro Beroy

The Rigpa Endowment Fund is managed by an Investment Committtee – The Investment Committee has regular conference calls, in general every 6-8 weeks, and decides the specific investments of the Rigpa Endowment Fund. All investments and asset allocation are decided within the guidelines of the Investment Policy established by the Rigpa International Investment Board.

The Investment Committee provides a monthly performance report of the Rigpa Endowment Fund to the Rigpa International Investment Board.

Representatives of the Investment Committee presents to the Board once or twice a year coinciding with a Rigpa International Investment  Board meeting. The Investment Committee is comprised of Dharma  students that have professional experience in finance and investing.

The Current Investment Committee

Pedro Beroy – Tertön Sogyal Foundation, US 
Sebastien Feiss – Fonds Tertön Sogyal, France 
Isabel Pedrosa – Khyentse Foundation
Dan Schuessler – Tertön Sogyal Foundation, US 
Heinz Siepmann – Tertön Sogyal Stiftung, Germany